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V6 Support for Chain of Responsibility (CoR) – Vehicle Checks & Defects

Updated: May 27, 2019

In response to Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation, Omnix V6 is able to provide the following functional enhancements enabling you to meet the heavy vehicle compliance requirements.

The most significant enhancement is the availability of Vehicle pre-check and defect (repair request) information, which will meet the safety accreditation levels established by NHV regulators.

The Vehicle pre-checks are entirely configurable according to your organisational and vehicle context. Some examples of the checks include;


Wheels, Tyres and Hubs – check Tyres are correctly inflated, Condition and depth of the tyre tread & wheels are secure.

Brakes – check Brake failure indicators, Pressure/vacuum gauges, Air tank drain valves are operational.

Lights and Reflectors – check Lights, including the clearance lights are operational, Reflectors and lenses are present and in good condition.

Engine – check Fluid levels (oil, water, refrigerant/coolant, hydrolic/brake fluid).

The Defect (driver repair requests) report are freeform and allows the driver to record any issues prior, during or at the end of his shift. This information can also be used as part of the Defect maintenance work that needs to be performed during scheduled services or repairs (subject to nature & urgency).


Wheels, Tyres and Hubs – Tyre (driver front) damage to thread and might be delaminating.

Brakes – noise (front) under heavy braking.

Lights and Reflectors – faded, broken or damaged

Engine, Driveline and Exhaust – Fluid leaking (oil, fuel, water, refrigerant/coolant, hydraulic fluid, brake fluid or other) from the vehicle (excluding condensation from air conditioning or the refrigeration system)

Vehicles must regularly be maintained, and if speed limiters are fitted that they are functioning properly.

To enjoy the benefits of this Omnix V6 functionality, simply download the V6 Mobile Driver App from Google Playstore (Android owners) and Apple iTunes (iPhone/iPad owners).

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