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Catching up at last, or coming last?

Updated: May 21, 2019

Over 55% of supply-chain organisations still to adopt digital practices.

In a recent global research study of how supply-chain organisations are responding to the consumer-led, on-demand economy, Zebra reports that overwhelmingly, automation is becoming the gold standard for competitiveness.

Yet, 33% of businesses still use pen and paper to manage their third-party logistics, and only half of postal, courier and freight organisations are operating electronically.

And, if you consider that in 10 years time it is predicted that 97% of deliveries will be completed by a semi-autonomous vehicle, where the driver completes online administration while in the field, its not difficult to see that adopting innovative technology is not only desirable, it’s essential for survival.

So what management tools are becoming more standard around the world?

Zebra reports that currently, only 50% of organisations handle their freight documentation electronically, and 46% have a transport management system. For tracking, only 45% of businesses have a capability, growing to 100% by 2028.

And the elephant in the room?

Only 38 – 41% can interface electronically with shippers and carriers.

From our perspective, no gains will ever be made in this disruptive landscape unless the underpinning technology platform enables open systems, interfacing and broad-scale integration.  

Visit to see how our open systems and a best-of-breed approach could set you up for the digital world.

Omnix V6. Seamlessly automating the transport and logistic industry.

Link to full Zebra report here.

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