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V6 and Barlinka API

Updated: May 27, 2019

V6 and Barlinka API

To automate the exchange of data between Omnix V6 and Barlinka, Omnix has developed a set of Web APIs and Keys which are yours to access.

This web service enables different software to communicate with each other; provides flexibility and enables a faster, more efficient exchange of electronic documents such as Inbound, Outbound warehouse orders, Consignment uploads, POD’s and Invoices.

Essentially, APIs are comparable to B2B, however they enable any system to connect with one another without the challenges found in B2B implementation and management. APIs have several benefits that make it ideal for use in the transport and logistics industry, which include the following:

  • API provides real-time data. Real-time data lets users see real time tracking.

  • It reduces the barriers to data retrieval including from legacy systems, APIs can interact with multiple systems due to their universal character.

  • API is also a cloud-based technology, so it can be maintained and updated without disrupting business operations.

  • It is fundamental to data analytics.

  • API cost less to implement.

To request access to the Omnix API’s, please discuss with Omnix support or our professional services team. We will provide you with directions on access and use.

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