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Legacy data import services

Migrating to Omnix V6 has been simplified and automated for those customers with legacy data. We offer a choice between two types of import services when it comes to transferring existing Masterfile data to your new V6 deployment:

1. Free Client import interface

• The users (including client customers) can import certain Masterfile data type information for free.

• The fields we import are listed in the Client Templates which we supply on request.

2. Competitor Software Conversion

• If you’re using software from a competitor, we may be able to convert Masterfile data from your old FMS system.

• While we can convert most Masterfile data, it is dependent on the quality and completeness of your old database, as well as what your current software can export in a usable format (.xls, .csv, .txt, or .xml).

• To request a Masterfile data import, please discuss with Omnix support or our professional services team. We will provide you with directions on how to send us your Masterfile data. Once received, one of our software Specialists will consult with you and schedule a Masterfile data conversion date.

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