V6RESTful APIs - Manifests

Create new Manifest


This API interface can be used to create a new manifest in v6.



Url: /v6-api/rest/manifests

Method: POST


JSON request example: to see all fields please have a look at Appendix A

Note: all fields with empty or null value should be removed from the request.


   "manifestDate": "2018-03-26",

   "departureDate": "2018-03-27",

   "departureTime": "12:00",

   "estimatedArrivalDate": "2018-03-30",

   "estimatedArrivalTime": "12:00",

   "complete": false,

   "docStatus": "ACTIVE",

   "stage": "NEW",

   "fullLoadCategory": "MC",


   "fromLocationCode": "TOOWONG",

   "fromLocationSuburb": "TOOWONG",

   "fromLocationPostcode": "4066",

   "fromLocationState": "QLD",

   "toLocationCode": "TOOWONG",

   "agent": "APT",

   "fromDepot": "ACR",

   "toDepot": "ACR",

   "hours": "01:00",

   "manualCharge": true,

   "usePercentage": true,

   "hourlyCharge": true,

   "dangerousGood": true,

   "manifestedConsignments": ["C28256"]



JSON Response:

The response will be returned in JSON format. The following are the list of some common responses.

Data uploaded successfully


   "httpStatusCode": 201,

   "msg": "Created: Manifest successfully created"


Authentication problem: no API key found in the “Authorization” in request header, or wrong API key. This may provide different warning messages.


    "httpStatusCode": 401,

    "msg": "Unauthorised: Cannot find API key in the header or the API key is not correct. Make sure the API key is embedded in the request header, under Authorization property. E.x. Auhtorization: apikey provided-api-key"




    "httpStatusCode": 401,

    "Msg": "Invalid API key"



Violating data constraints

There are some constraints that submitted data must follow, for example some malformed data errors but not all:

  • Missing required fields,

  • Unrecognised fields,

  • string value exceed maximum length or shorter than minimum length,

  • number is smaller than minimum value or larger than maximum value

  • and some other logical constraints (e.g. pickup date must be before delivery date).

All the requests breaking the these rules will result in Bad Request (400). The corresponding responses also contain intuitive error messages informing which fields do not follow which rules. To see all rules please see appendix A.

The format of bad request response should look like following JSON


    "httpStatusCode": 400,

    "msg": "Bad request"

    "violations": {

          //a list of violations


          {fieldName} - {error} - {suggestion},





Example of Bad Request response:


    "violations": [

    "manifestDate - required field - must exist and must not be empty"


    "httpStatusCode": 400,

    "msg": "Bad Request"


Appendix A: JSON fields applied for creating a new manifest

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