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Freight Management Software Self Test

How does your freight management software stack up in a rapidly-changing market?

Try this little self-test to determine just how much your business could improve by implementing V6.

Evaluate where you stand in the software game

  • Can your legacy system operate in the Cloud to save you expensive server purchases and maintenance fees? YES/NO

  • Can you instantly obtain a range of operational data, if, when, and how you need it? YES/NO

  • Does your current system stay up to date with rapidly-changing industry demands? YES/NO

  • Are you able to select a range of best-of-breed systems out there and have them seamlessly integrate with your transport system? YES/NO

  • Does your software vendor have a good track record for customer service and support? YES/NO

  • Is your software Australian-made for local conditions (and regulations) catered for? YES/NO

  • Is your software web-based, to provide visibility for and interaction with customers, suppliers, agents, brokers, subcontractors? YES/NO

  • Does your software improve your cashflow? YES/NO

  • Have you been promised a system feature that never eventuated or existed? YES/NO

  • Have you experienced costly implementation services and charges that still remain unresolved? YES/NO

  • Can your current system identify and reduce revenue leakage? YES/NO

  • Are you satisfied with the functionality of your current product? YES/NO

Would you like to view an online demo of V6 to meet us and see our difference? If yes, click here to arrange it

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